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We have it on a plate and we don't care if it is a partner project of the Czech Gastronomic Institute, the State Health Institute and Culinary Arts. The project is sponsored by the Minister of Health and we work very closely with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The quality standards that are created within the project are created by experts at the Health Round Table and subsequently in working groups.

Meziresortní pracovní skupina pro institucionální stravování

Je poradním orgánem Ministerstva zdravotnictví. Tvoří ji zástupci Ministerstva zdravotnictví, Ministerstva školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy, Ministerstva zemědělství, Ministerstva práce a sociálních věcí, Ministerstva pro místní rozvoj a zástupci věcně příslušných institucí. Činnost skupiny je řízena ředitelkou Státního zdravotního ústavu.


State Health Institute

Prepares materials for national health policy, health protection and promotion, provides methodological and reference activities in the field of public health protection, monitors and examines the relationship between living conditions and health, controls the quality of services provided to protect public health, participates in postgraduate education in medical fields protection and promotion of health and plays an important role in the health education of the population.


Czech Gastronomic Institute

It is a professional organization uniting not only gastronomes who are ready to give back to the field they love and which feeds them. CGI's ambition is to build a fair gastronomic environment in which entrepreneurs and suppliers in gastronomy will do better business, work better for employees, teach teachers better and study better for students. We want our daily efforts to result in better gastronomic experiences for all of us.

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Culinary art

Culinary Arts is an educational program for teaching culinary techniques and procedures from the ground up. Online and full-time courses are intended for professionals in gastronomy (to which the staff of school canteens undoubtedly belong), but also for all those who want to self-educate and improve their gastronomic knowledge and skills.

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Under the auspices of the Minister of Health


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